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Visiting all of Munich’s 100 or more museums and art galleries would be a lifelong task. Some of the city’s cultural buildings have a world-wide reputation – such as the Deutsches Museum, with its 45,000 square meters of exhibition space, or the Alte Pinakothek, which houses works by Albrecht Dürer and Leonardo da Vinci. Munich’s museums and galleries offer something for every taste – from a dinosaur skeleton in the Palaeontology Museum to glove puppets in the Stadtmuseum. Most of Munich’s museums are closed Mondays, but on Sundays entry is free in many of them.


You can find a list of all current exhibitions, plus many other events, ranging from plays, live music, recreational, sporting events to current movies and more in our calendar of events.

Beer & Oktoberfest Museum Munich

Museen muenchen biermuseum3 800x400 1Bier und Oktoberfestmuseum


The Munich beer and Oktoberfest museum at Isartor in the historic city center unites two issues that are intrinsically tied together and informes the visitor both entertaining and specialized. You can take part in guided tours and in courses about brewage, marvel at remarkable exhibits and have a meal in the museum restaurant.

Beer is existing already for ages. The beginnings go back to the ancient world, when the Sumerian discovered the process of fermentation by chance on old bread paste. The museum is giving further exciting details of the origin and development of this drink.


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