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New in Berlin? This is what you need to know...

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Berlin is unique: for some it is a bureaucratic metropolis, for others a city of violent protests, or a first-rate party location. Strange things thrive in Germany’s capital, right next to idyllic, provincial neighborhoods, international business and federal politics.

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Literally great – language schools in Berlin

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About 14% of Berlin’s 3.4 million residents are non German and the city has a wide choice of language schools to help newcomers learn German – and many other languages. They can also help non native English speakers improve their Business English.

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Public transport – buses, trams and trains in Berlin

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The length of Berlin’s railway tracks equals the distance from Berlin to Zurich, Switzerland: 430 km of tram tracks, 151 km of underground tracks and 331 km of commuter train tracks can be found here. If there's no rail track, the Berliner takes the bus or boards a ferry.

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Registered already? This is how you become a Berlin citizen

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Put your name here, your address there, then sign on the dotted line... If you want to be able to watch TV in your new home, make a phone call, you have to fill out lots of forms. The trip to the Einwohnermeldeamt – Residents Registration Office – should be one of the first things you do.

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New in Berlin?

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