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DIY & garden centers

A giant selection of indoor and hedge plants can be found here whatever the season of the year, as well as everything for the garden, balcony and terrace. There is also a full stock of plant accessories including soil, pots and fertilizer.
›› Altstadt, Frauenstr. 8, Tel. 24239980
›› Forstenried, Meglingerstr. 27, Tel. 27 06 07 90
›› Moosach, Dachauer Str. 543, Tel. 17 11 92 60
›› Trudering, Kirchtruderinger Str. 20, Tel. 42 73 04 80

Fourth largest DIY chain in the world, tools, furniture, all you need to furnish your home, including painting and decorating service and machine rental.
›› Milbertshofen, Lerchenauer Str. 134, Tel. 3 57 15 80
›› Forstenried, Meglingerstr. 31, Tel. 7 48 08 70
›› Westend, Westendstr. 221, Tel. 5 47 00 80

This traditional family firm has had a passion for plants and gardening since 1818. You can convince yourself of the high plant quality and advice that focuses on customers’ wishes even today if you visit this wholesome green oasis with its own plant and tree nursery. The wide-ranging stock includes indoor and hydroponic plants, garden plants, shrubs, seeds, and flower bulbs, as well as garden accessories and gift ideas.
›› 82008 Unterhaching, Grünwalder Weg (Parkackerstr. 2), Tel. 2 03 52 15-0
›› 81247 Untermenzing, Goteboldstr. 9, Tel. 89 12 21-0

The place to buy your plants and tools, a beautiful upstairs café and free parking.
›› Ramersdorf, Ottobrunner Str. 61, Tel. 68 30 20,

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Everything you need for a good night: bedframes with a plain or modern design, with many variations in terms of form and color, as well as mattresses, futons, slatted bedframes, night tables, blankets, pillows. Furthermore, you can find all the fitting chests of drawers, sideboards, cabinets and shelves here. The employees like to take enough time to provide you with competent advice.
›› Haidhausen, Franziskanerstr. 24, Tel. 44 76 03 36,

Healthy sleeping comfort with an attractive look is the Shogazi slogan: spine-supporting natural latex mattresses, solid wood beds, sleeping systems, all made from untreated, organic materials.
›› Maxvorstadt, Barerstr. 82-84 (factory outlet), Tel. 27 27 39 96
›› Schwabing, Hohenzollernstr. 93, Tel. 18 91 09 58 & Shogazi Kinderwelt, Hohenzollernstr. 124, Tel. 54 80 88 10

Sit & Sleep
Specialist shop for sofa beds, comfy chairs and home accessories.
›› Altstadt, Oberanger 34, Tel. 23 26 98 10,

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Furnishings and design house with stylish interiors, furniture and accessories from candles and pillow covers to wall clocks, bags or cooking utensils, 600 sq m store space, bel étage with design objects like sofas or beds.
›› Isarvorstadt, Rumfordstr. 8, Tel. 23 23 60 90,

Largest retail chain store of the Danish furniture industry with stores throughout the world, furniture and accessories in a classy design for all living areas, modular concepts with an extensive selection of various materials, styles and colors. Interestingly, BoConcept offers free software, downloadable from the Internet, which can help you to create your own dream dwelling on your monitor.
›› Altstadt, Sonnenstr. 19, Tel. 54 88 49 90
›› Isarvorstadt, Buttermelcherstr. 2/Am Reichenbachplatz, Tel. 30 90 46 30

Böhmler im Tal
Popular furniture shop, modern and traditional at the same time.
›› Altstadt, Tal 11, Tel. 2 13 60
›› Böhmler Outlet, Nymphenburg, Nymphenburger Str. 115, Tel. 46 13 38 10

The French brand Fermob opened its first international flagship store for its metal furniture in Munich in March 2010. The latest designs, classics and best-sellers can be admired, tested and purchased all year round in the 180 sq m showroom. The company’s designs are characterized by bright colors and clear designs. They add a touch of French charm to any home interior or garden. Besides metal furniture, the store offers accessories and gift ideas with a seasonal flavor throughout the year.
›› Isarvorstadt, Klenzestr. 54, Tel. 20 20 75 75,

“Wood is our mission.” The specialists at Holzconnection fulfill this mission with a lot of know-how. With locations in ten cities in Germany, customized furniture is made in the in-house workshop here. Regardless of whether it is supposed to be a small wall shelf under the stairs, a new cabinet or elegant wall-to-wall bookshelves – you can find the right solution for all living areas and furnishing ideas. Customers can fulfill their very personal dreams of living, choosing from a selection of more than 50 types of wood and 70 different colors.
›› Ludwigsvorstadt, Häberlstr. 14 (Goetheplatz), Tel. 53 77 08,

The Swedish furniture chain has now also conquered Munich. At two locations in Munich, you can find everything related to home furnishing – from kitchen furniture to children’s rooms and endless accessories, plants and picture frames. The Eching branch was Germany’s first Ikea in 1974.
›› Ikea-Brunnthal, Taufkirchen-Ost, Brunn­thalerstr. 1, 82014 Taufkirchen
›› Ikea-Eching, Heisenbergstr. 14, 85386 Eching
›› Tel. 0 18 05/35 34 35,

Ligne Roset
Very chic sofas that are also really comfortable tempt you here. The traditional French company has not only dream sofas for every design concept, but also everything that makes a home the place to be, from complete bedrooms to tables and carpets to accessories.
›› Altstadt, Fünf Höfe, Salvatorstr. 3, Tel. 29 59 22
›› Altstadt, Palais, Am Lenbachplatz 4, Tel. 55 02 80 82
›› Maxvorstadt, Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 35, Tel. 28 50 37

Affordable natural wood furniture including beech, pine and spruce.
›› Milbertshofen, Ingolstädter Str. 8, Tel. 3 59 00 24,

Exclusive French furniture for the elegant living room, divinely beautiful French country-house style.
›› Lehel, Thierschstr. 20, Tel. 2 12 66 63,

Exclusive home accessories and furniture, tables, upholstery, rugs and curtains from well-known manufacturers such as Dedon and Mobileffe.
›› Maxvorstadt, Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 33, Tel. 28 50 37,

Stein 11
Harmoniously designed, Shaker style wooden furniture (chairs, tables, shelves, chests of drawers).
›› Haidhausen, Steinstr. 11, Tel. 26 94 99 63,

thiersch 15
Timeless, elegant furniture and lamps, mainly Scandinavian, but also Italian, Dutch and American designs.
›› Lehel, Thierschstr. 15, Tel. 23 70 87 63,

Who´s perfect
Large selection of brand new furniture with small defects, sold at up to 50 percent discount.
›› Laim, Landsberger Str. 350, Tel. 58 98 91 14,

Yellow Möbel
Affordable upholstery, office furniture and accessories for young people.
›› Isarvorstadt, Kapuzinerstr. 20, Tel. 725 03 04,

Zeitraum Möbel
Nobly designed furniture from carefully selected solid woods, whose finely polished surfaces have been massaged with high grade oils and waxes. Each piece of furniture is unique in color and grain and fulfills the highest demands of quality. Zeitraum furniture is available in four furniture stores in Munich (dealer list, see Web page), showroom in Wolfratshausen.
›› Showroom: 82515 Wolfratshausen, Äußere Münchner Str. 2, Tel. 0 81 71/41 81 30,

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Exotic furniture

Thai and Indonesian furniture and textiles and teakwood tables.
›› Maxvorstadt, Brienner Str. 49, Tel. 55 87 99 97,

Hornberger Stilmittel
Old and new furniture as well as used items in French style.
›› Altstadt, Müllerstr. 30, Eingang Papa-Schmid-Str., Tel. 23 68 56 31,

The offerings of furniture and accessories from traditional Japan are inexhaustible: tableware, porcelain and ceramics for sushi or tee, stone lanterns and hibachi fireplaces, tatami and futons. In addition, hand-made Japanese paper for covering sliding walls or for brush and ink painting with complete accessories as well as antiques, traditional furniture and a diverse selection of paper lamps. Even kimonos and yukatas can be found here in the middle of Schwabing.
›› Schwabing, Herzogstr. 7, Tel. 34 94 54,

The Moroccan interior furnishings and accessories on sale here offer you the chance to furnish your home in the special flair of this country. Just entering the store will give you a vacation feeling because of the unending array of many pretty things such as furniture, textiles, colorful tea glasses and suitable small tables, cushions, pillows, pottery and also antique everyday objects.
›› Westend, Kazmairstr. 33, Tel. 74 37 19 70,

Founded in 1987 as shop for furnishing textiles from Bali and India, Kokon is now an exclusive lifestyle house with collectors’ items from all over the world and for all areas of life. There is wooden and rattan furniture, Chinese antique furniture, stylish flower arrangements, textiles, accessories and books over 2,600 sq m.
›› Maxvorstadt, Lenbachplatz 3 (Lenbach-Palais), Tel. 55 25 14-0
›› Galerie Mashallah, Maxvorstadt, Schellingstr. 52, Tel. 27 81 80-33

›› Au, Humboldtstr. 8, Tel. 67 97 38 57,

Exquisite furniture, quality jewelry, spa and beauty products as well as accessories and aroma candles and pillows – all beautiful, all exotic, all from Asian regions.
›› Altstadt, Josephspitalstr. 6, Tel. 51 55 65 59,

Marrakech Interieur
Exquisite selection of furniture and accessories from Morocco, mosaic & side tables made from beautifully painted wood, lamps, fabrics, mirrors.
›› Schwabing, Luisenstr. 68, Tel. 47 98 86,

Möbel Kolonie
Old and modern colonial, cosmopolitan, ethnic and Mediterranean-style furniture.
›› Schwabing, Birnauerstr. 12, Tel. 351 18 20,

Victors Home
Traditional antique teak and Chinese furniture, softwood antiques.
›› Starnberg-Perchting, Pöckinger Str. 13, Tel. 0 81 51 /5 55 16 90,

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Furniture for children

Engel & Bengel
Everything to furnish your child’s room, including beds, upholstery plus clothes and pajamas for children up to 10, accessories such as dolls, lamps and picture frames.
›› Haidhausen, Innere Wiener Str. 61, Tel. 44 21 85 36,

Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer
Large assortment for children. Scandinavian or antique furniture in miniature, from carved wooden cradles to children’s benches, lovingly chosen toys, from cuddly bunnies to vintage pedal cars, including unique copies of name bags or hand-finished puppets by well-known companies such as Lexington, Käthe Kruse, Cath Kidston and GreenGate. Children as well as parents will get carried away with excitement and nostalgia while browsing in the small store.
›› Ramersdorf, Herrenchiemseestr. 4, Tel. 30 90 43 80,

Parents can find everything they need here for even the most demanding children. In stock are children’s buggies in diverse designs, furniture for young kids and babies, children’s fashions from Scandanavia as well as a giant selection of play items of every kinds from a baby’s first pacifier to a solar clock for young discoverers. All the products are especially high quality, environmentally friendly and high value is placed on supporting fair trade projects. A further plus factor is the individual advice offered by staff on all things to do with youngsters.
›› Haidhausen, Auerfeldstr. 22, Tel. 41 87 68 64,

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Germany’s leading kitchen designer, plain, well equipped kitchens with matching chairs, accessories, airconditioning and lamps.
›› Altstadt, Herrnstr. 44, Tel. 2 42 15 70,

Kristina Sack
These kitchens are practical as well as cozy, high-class accessories: pans, pots, cutlery, china and more; kitchen planning.
›› Neuhausen, Wilderich-Lang-Str. 6, Tel. 5 02 34 64,

Küche & Einrichtung
Branded built-in kitchens by Nieburg, Nolff, Störmer and Ballerina. The decorators make house calls on request.
›› Neuhausen, Arnulfstr. 163, Tel. 16 25 48,

Küchen by Bohl
Well-established, family-owned kitchen designer with years of experience, various brands and styles, prefabricated parts in 300 sizes, granite and parquet floors. Services include assembly, interior decoration and paint jobs.
›› Schwabing, Marktstr. 20, Tel. 313 92 42,

Built-in kitchens by Siemens, Miele as well as special kitchen appliances, e.g. a fridge in Bavarian flag design.
›› Berg am Laim, Rosenheimer Str. 139, Tel. 4 89 28 40,

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Home accessories

1260 Grad
Shop/workshop for ceramics, crockery from egg to coffee cups, cute and tasteful.
›› Haidhausen, Sedanstr. 27, Tel. 44 77 06 88,

Bottles & Glashaus
Glass ware, kitchen accessories, table ware, wine cellar, bottles, preserving jars, porcelain and cork products.
›› Altstadt, Josephspitalstr. 1, Tel. 26 31 35,

You won’t find exquisite culinary delights when you enter this extravagant store, but rather an interesting selection of nostalgic and more modern living accessories, such as lamps, tables and porcelain for posh coffee mornings.
›› Isarvorstadt, Reichenbachstr. 24, Tel. 26 02 43 27

Let there be light! Diverse offering of lights, light objects and systems for indoor and outdoor areas, professional advice.
›› Altstadt, Odeonsplatz 11, Tel. 24 21 05 51
›› Isarvorstadt, Hans-Sachs-Str. 22, Tel. 22 17 14

Furniture, lighting, gifts and accessories; six locations in Munich.
›› Cityhaus: Altstadt, Sendlinger Str. 37, Tel. 2 30 87 35
›› Designhaus: Schwabing, Augustenstr. 12-14, Tel. 5 52 15 50
›› Workhaus: Schwabing, Augustenstr. 10, Tel. 55 21 55 44
›› Landhaus: Ludwigsvorstadt, Lindwurmstr. 76, Tel. 7 25 20 15
›› OEZ: Moosach, Hanauerstr. 68, Tel. 14 07 93 70
›› Riem Arcaden: Riem, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, Tel. 94 30 38 30

This basement store is a great find, nearly overflowing with lots of art treasures: oil paintings, crystal chandeliers, hearth clocks as well as rare and original objets d’art poke out of every corner in anticipation for a new home.
›› Schwabing, Hohenzollernstr. 58 (Keller im Hof), Tel. 39 68 75,

Kwam Sasa Nene
Traditional African art, beads, masks, statues, ceramics and other useful objects such as stools, various-sized bowls, baskets, combs and tools.
›› Isarvorstadt, Hans-Sachs-Str. 9, Tel. 26 46 27,

“The good things are still out there” is the motto of this first class mail order company that has a store in Munich. Furniture, kitchenware, office items, clothes, tools and toys, traditionally manufactured and free of plastic.
›› Altstadt, Dienerstr. 12, Tel. 23 54 59 00,

Long-established Munich store in the Altstadt (Old City). It’s an inviting place to browse with a wide range of pretty, top quality lifestyle goods. Besides quality furniture and designer items, interior accessories and textiles, you can also buy fashions from the colorful Oleana collection or dishes and glassware.
›› Altstadt, Hackenstr. 7, Tel. 23 50 98-0,

Sams & Son
A real curiosity shop; antique and restored suitcases, plus a large variety of old office furniture and globes. Children’s furniture and gifts such as giant mushroom pillows have been added to the range of goods.
›› Isarvorstadt, Frauenhoferstr. 23, Tel. 2 01 57 35,

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