Online and newspaper property ads in Munich



Immobilien Scout 24
Leading German-language real estate platform on the Internet, all kinds of properties.

Extensive real estate portal with more than 950,000 current offers.

More than 960,000 pieces of real estate currently offered, numerous editorial descriptions also available.

WG gesucht
When your flat mate never cleans the bathroom, it’s time to find a new cohabitant or a new apartment. You can do both with the help of this Internet portal. Besides shared apartments, there are also apartment units available to rent or buy.
Large Internet portal, also offers useful accommodation tips.



Immobilienmarkt der Abendzeitung
New offers on Tue. and Sat., with an online version. Smaller market, but with a more detailed search feature.

Immobilienmarkt der Süddeutschen Zeitung
Real estate section in the Wednesday and Friday issues of the newspaper. Plus internet platform offering plenty of information on Munich’s housing market for tenants and buyers, as well as for landlords and sellers.

Kurz & Fündig
Very extensive offers to renters since the private ads are generally free of charge; it appears every Tuesday and Friday. It’s best to get up early since the telephone lines are buzzing by 10 am.


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