International schools in Munich

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Beside the state education, there are, of course, a series of international schools in Munich.

The two largest private international schools are the Bavarian International School (BIS) in Haimhausen with 1040 students from 52 countries and the Munich International School (MIS) in Starnberg with about 1,200 students from 55 countries.

Both schools are housed in castles so lessons take place in fairy-tale surroundings. Both accept junior, middle and senior students.

Addresses of international schools in Munich

State bilingual schools

Bilingual French department, high-school diploma and French Baccalauréate possible at the same time (AbiBac).
›› Sendling, Wackersberger Str. 61, Tel. 089 23 34 33 00,

Bilingual French department.
›› Neuhausen, Nibelungenstr. 51a, Tel. 089 179591-0,

Bilingual classes (English/German) in geography.
›› Schwabing, Karl-Theodor-Str. 9, Tel. 089 3801680,

French lessons offered as part of a bilingual add-on from ages 13/14 to 15/16. The German-French AbiBac certificate can be sat here.
›› Schwabing, Siegfriedstr. 22, Tel. 089 3801690,

Städtische Helen-Keller-Realschule  
Optional bilingual lessons (English) in different subjects for ages 12/13.
›› Bogenhausen, Fürkhofstr. 28, Tel. 089 9929060,

Bilingual classes (English/German) in geography and history.
›› Neuperlach, Quiddestr. 4, Tel. 089 233-35000,

International schools

BIS – Bavarian International School 
All-day school with about 1,100 students from more than 50 countries. Graduation with an international Baccalauréate diploma, an international general certificate of secondary education or a high school diploma. The new BIS City Campus opened in Munich in 2016 for children aged 4-11 years.
›› Haimhausen Campus: Schloss Haimhausen, 85778 Haimhausen, Hauptstr. 1, Tel. 081 33/-91 70
›› City Campus: Schwabing, Leopold-Carré, Leopoldstr. 208, Tel. 089 89655-512

European School Munich 
Nursery, primary and high school mainly for children whose parents are employed by EU institutions, such as the European Patent Office. Pupils graduate with the European Leaving Certificate.
›› Neuperlach, Elise-Aulinger-Str. 21, Tel. 089 628160,

International Bilingual School Munich  
This unique full-day primary school embeds the Bavarian state curriculum into the globally recognized Primary Years Programme education concept. It means that children are taught bilingually by a German and an English native speaker from age 6/7. Munich’s first accredited IB World School since 2012. The balanced all-day curriculum includes lots of time for music, sport and art.
›› Feldmoching, Lerchenauerstr. 197, Tel. 089 540426627,

International School Augsburg 
About 350 students aged between four and 18 are prepared for the International Baccalaureate in this international school founded in 2005. Qualified teachers from 18 countries teach the children in small classes with an average of 16 pupils. Lessons are in English.
›› 86368 Gersthofen, Wernher-von-Braun-Str. 1a, Tel. 0821 4555600,

Japanische Internationale Schule München 
Primary and secondary school, knowledge of Japanese required to be accepted.
›› Sendling, Bleyerstr. 4, Tel. 089 7485730,

Jules Verne Campus  
An innovative, private primary school and academic high school with an all-day schedule from 7.30 am to 6.35 pm, as well as vacation care. The focus is on a sustained bilingual (German/English) upbringing based on immersion and individualized learning. The school also relies on a balanced health approach with freshly prepared organic meals and daily sports and exercise.
›› Altperlach, Bayerwaldstr. 8, Tel. 089 628166860,

Lycée Francais Jean Renoir  
Students at this French academic high (grammar) school graduate with the French Baccalauréate or the AbiBac (high school diploma & Baccalauréate).
›› Sendling, Berlepschstr. 3, Tel. 089 7210070,

Munich International School  
This independent, non-profit IB World School in a stately home near Starnberg lake opened in 1966. It is accredited by the IBO and the Bavarian ministry of education, as well as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the Council of International Schools (CIS). Lessons are held in English in small classes.
›› 82319 Starnberg, Schloss Buchhof, Tel. 08151 3660,

Münchner Schulstiftung Ernst v. Borries  
Individual educational support from an early age. The Ernst von Borries Munich education charity has facililities that guide young people proficiently from nursery to university. The Dr. Florian Überreiter private academic high school and the Obermenzing academic high school (with a bilingual program) have taken children in in small classes in a friendly atmosphere successfully to the High School Certificate for over 50 years. The Jan-Amos-Comenius Bilingual Primary School and Kinderhouse (German/English), including after-school care, kindergarden and nursery, along with the bilingual, Lumberjack forest kindergarten, complement the offerings. The educational profile and the personal situation of each child receive special attention.
›› Contact: Obermenzing, Freseniusstr. 47, Tel. 089 891244-0,

Phorms Grundschule & Gymnasium  
Private, bilingual and state-recognized whole-day primary and secondary school (German & English). At the end of year 10 pupils sit the “Mittlerer Schulabschluss”. At the end of year 12 pupils take the Abitur. The IB Diploma is offered as an additional certificate.
›› Bogenhausen, Maria-Theresia-Str. 35, Tel. 089 324933700,

SIS Swiss International School Ingolstadt  
This bilingual (German/English) all-day school prepares students for the Abitur school leaving certificate and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. English and German are used together in the state-accredited alternative school, kindergarten, primary school and academic high school. Both languages have equal footing in lessons and everyday language.
›› 85057 Ingolstadt, Stinnesstr. 1, Tel. 0841 9814460,

St. George’s British International School Munich 
St. George’s The British International School Munich is attractive because of its small class sizes and family atmosphere. An international school with a distinctive British flavour. For students aged from 3 to 18 years old.
›› Schwabing-Freimann, Heidemannstr. 182, Tel. 089 7246933-0,


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