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In Munich the S-Bahn commuter trains, underground trains, buses and trams make up an extensive public transport network that runs day and night, whichever one you use. They are all part of the MVV network, which means a ticket is valid on all forms of public transport. Besides underground trains, S-Bahns, trams and buses, also integrated into the system are BOB trains, regional trains and regional buses. MVV transports more than 690 million passengers to all corners of the city every year.

A new tariff system has been in place since December 2019. Instead of the previous division into rings and zones, there is now only Zone M for the entire Munich city area and some neighboring areas, as well as Zones 1 to 6 outside Munich. 

A single ticket for a journey through the city area (zone M) costs € 3.30, for example. Short trips (four stations including a maximum of two stations with S-Bahn or U-Bahn) cost € 1.70. Tickets must be stamped at one of the ticket machines before departure.


The easy way to find the right ticket

1. The right zone

Zone M is valid for the entire Munich city area. Outside of Munich, zones 1 to 6 apply. Check the network map (page 174) to see in which zones your journey starts and ends.

2. The right ticket

After you have determined in which zones your trip begins and ends, select the appropriate ticket in the corresponding column of the price table.

For example: If you want to go from the main station (in zone M) to the airport (in zone 5), look in the price table for the zone M-5, where you will find that the price for a one-way trip is € 11.50.

3. Note on stops in two zones

Take note: If your destination or departure stop is in two zones, choose the zone that is cheaper for you. These stops are marked as follows in the network map: 

Öffentlicher Verkehr Symbol 2019 12 zoneM 1

If your journey passes through the same zone several times, you only pay once for this zone.

4. Ways to save money
›› A day ticket for Zone M pays for itself after just three journeys. 
›› A weekly ticket for Zone M pays for itself after the third day. 
›› Children under 6 travel free. 
›› Save time with the MVG Fahr­info München app. It’s free to download and shows the best connections. You can also use it to buy a ticket without cash. Simply download the app and register once.


The most important contact addresses for public transport:

Münchner Verkehrs-gesellschaft (MVG)  

MVG Hotline:  
(toll-free 24-hour service number)

MVG Kundencenter: 
›› Hauptbahnhof, Mezzanine Level
›› Marienplatz, Mezzanine Level  

Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV)

Infotelefon: 089/41 42 43 44  
Information 24/7, also in English.


Service-Dialog: 089/20 35 50 00, Mo-Fr 7.30-18.30 Uhr

›› Main Station, Intermediate floor, exit Arnulfstraße
›› Ostbahnhof (DB-Reisezentrum) 

Carsharing auf der Überholspur: Auto to go

Das durchschnittliche deutsche Automobil steht rund 23 Stunden am Tag ungenutzt herum. Da liegt es doch eigentlich nahe, dass sich mehrere Personen ein Auto teilen. Diese kostengünstige, flexible und umweltfreundliche Alternative zum eigenen PKW nennt sich Carsharing und erfreut sich auch in München immer größerer Beliebtheit.

Bei der klassischen, stationsbasierten Variante des Auto-Teilens  – wie zum Beispiel Stattauto München oder Drive-CarSharing – meldet man sich beim Carsharing-Anbieter gegen Aufnahmegebühr und geringen monatlichen Fixbetrag an und zahlt ab dann nur noch, wenn man das Auto tatsächlich fährt, den entsprechenden Zeit- und Kilometertarif. Dieser ist sozusagen All inclusive und beinhaltet den Wertverlust des Fahrzeugs, Reparaturen, Versicherung und sogar den Kraftstoff.


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