Boarding schools in and around Munich

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There are many different reasons to take a boarding school for your child into consideration. Either you´re highly occupied by your job and don´t have enough time to care and look after your child or your child is an only child and you like it to grow up with children of the same age.

Furthermore, because of the time-consuming mentoring, boarding schools offer an unique opportunity for individual development, especially if one likes to combine sportive and musical leisure time activity with everyday life at school. Anyway, the boarding school is an alternative to the conventional kind of school and offers new challenges for your son or daughter and moreover imparts social skills.


Addresses in and around Munich

Internat der Benediktinerabtei Ettal 
Boarding school in the Ettal Benedictine monastery, which in 2016/17 started taking in girls for the first time. Boarders aged from 10/11 are taught with day pupils in an academic high (grammar) school focusing on humanities and modern languages. Graduation is the Bavarian high school certificate. The school has capacity for 80 boarders. Monthly boarding fees are € 1,150.
›› 82488 Ettal, Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz 1, Tel. 0 88 22/-74 65 10,

Girls boarding school in the heart of Bogenhausen. From ages 10/11 lessons oriented toward languages and music take place with female pupils from the Max-Josef-Stift academic (grammar) high school. Pupils can travel home at weekends. Costs € 380 a month, and has places for 60 students.
›› Bogenhausen, Röntgenstr. 18, Tel. 99 84 35 115, 

Staatliches Landschulheim Marquartstein  
The educational field center has a boarding school for boys and girls focused on modern languages and natural sciences. It follows the progressive traditions of the 19th century German education reform movement. The school has places for 120 students and monthly costs are € 420. It has many recreational possibilities because of its location in the heart of the Chiemgau countryside.
›› 83250 Marquartstein, Neues Schloss 1, Tel. 0 86 41/62 40,


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