No parking signs


Straßenverkehrsbehörde Verkehrsregelung und -management

Only organizes permits to put up no parking signs. No sign rental.
›› Mitte, Eberhardstr. 35, Tel. 2 16 20 99

Sign rentals

You can easily order the no parking signs for your move online here. All the formalities are taken care of at the appropriate agency, so that the signs are set up on time in the desired location.

Kipper Filmservice
Road sign service, one-day stopping restriction, including setting-up and pickup for € 47.60.
›› Tel. 508 87 90 60

The sign service for the Stuttgart metropolitan area sets up temporary no parking zones and obtains the required authorizations.
›› 70794 Stuttgart-Filderstadt, Hermann-Löns-Weg 9, Tel. 0 71 58/9 81 20 28